What Are Some Features To Look For When Choosing an LMS?

What Are Some Features To Look For When Choosing an LMS?

Learning management systems (LMS) are becoming the norm for organisations looking to train their employees, whether for new hires or current employees. However, the effectiveness of online training is greatly determined by the LMS that your organisation employs, as certain key features are necessary for practical training purposes. Hence, here are some features to take note of when choosing a learning management system in Singapore for your company:


Content management

An LMS greatly simplifies the storage and distribution of learning materials for training. Therefore, content management is an irreplaceable feature of online learning software. It follows a systematic approach and is easy to produce due to its variety of options.

An LMS enables you to generate rich and diverse content directly from the application and links courses to form paths. You may also create documents within the software and utilise them on other pages without having to re-upload them all the time.


Easy-to-use interface

No matter how well the training content is developed, it will only be effective if the interface is smooth to navigate. Otherwise, it will put trainees off and discourage them from continuing, resulting in low training program completion rates. Therefore, ensure that you choose an LMS with simple navigation tabs and basic layouts for all users, regardless of their digital literacy. It will enable trainees to finish their training quickly and make it easier for admins to conduct the training program.


User management

An LMS must be flexible in arranging users to reflect organisational structures and positions. You should also be able to edit permissions and assign roles to users, such as admins, trainees, and supervisors. It will be good if it has a messaging feature so that trainees can easily receive task reminders.

An excellent digital training tool should allow for easy navigation and communication. It should serve as a platform where everything is in place in the form of a dashboard for trainees to refer to and easily keep track of their task statuses.



Gamification features and tools such as leader boards, point systems, activity badges and trophies are excellent for encouraging interactivity and engagement among trainees. It will help foster friendly competition between trainees and motivate them to improve. Furthermore, the training tools will allow tracking of the leaderboard and points in a single dashboard after the end of the challenge. An LMS with gamification features is needed, as games are one of the top ways organisations can grab their trainees’ attention.



A great LMS requires a user-friendly interface, good features, and tools. Developing suitable content materials to keep the training interesting and relevant to the trainees is also crucial. If you are looking for a reliable and effective LMS for corporate training in Singapore, PandaSuite is the choice for you. We have a team of expert trainers and AI specialists who can advise you on which training software is best for your organisation. Contact us for more information on our range of services!