Sell your Courses Online with PandaiCart in Singapore

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Round The Clock Registration

Increase the exposure of your courses and allow learners to register anytime and from anywhere.

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Built-In Payment Processing

Easily accept payment from learners after course confirmation with PayNow and Credit/Debit Cards.

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Billing and Invoicing

Streamline paperwork with automated billing and invoicing. Reinforce your branding with logo and template customisation.

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Automated Email Notifications

Never miss updates with automated email notifications for every learner registration and payment.

What is PandaiCart?

PandaiCart is a Singapore-based online training provider platform that allows you to put and host your courses online. We make registration, billing, payments and invoicing simple for trainers and learners. It is also a cost-effective collaborative partnership, with a robust Referral Management Program supporting dynamic business environments.

Courses in Singapore Made Accessible

With PandaiCart, you can easily look for courses in Singapore across a wide variety of categories. This online marketplace allows you to search for courses, apply and make payments in one place. PandaiCart also contains listings of courses which are SkillsFuture-funded.

Sell Your Courses Online

As a Training Provider, it is essential to put and sell your courses on a platform that is easily accessible and user-friendly for learners. With PandaiCart, your billing and invoices are streamlined and automated– you can even reinforce your brand as a training provider by customising templates with your logo.

Improve work performance

Online courses allow you to enhance your skills and improve on existing knowledge. In an ever-changing world, jobs evolve, and constant learning and improvement allow you to stay up to date with the latest industry standards.

Wide range of choices

PandaiCart gives you many more options, whether the type of course or the mode of learning. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and has different learning styles. As such, PandaiCart allows you to find a relevant course that fits your schedule.

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