Adaptable Training Management System in Singapore

Course and Course Run Management

Corporate Training Singapore

Create and manage courses and course runs

  • Courses
  • Course Runs
  • Sessions
  • Synchronise with PandaiCart for course listing and selling
  • Synchronise with PandaiCampus for learning material management
  • Flexibility for SkillsFuture-funded and non-funded courses

Receive learner registrations and manage learner profiles and records for each course run

  • Registration records
  • Learner profiles
  • Automated emails
  • Fee collection status
  • SkillsFuture Enrolment
  • PandaiCampus LMS access
  • Course Run Report

Learner Record Management

Singapore Corporate Training

Attendance and Assessment Record Management

Corporate Training Providers

Easily maintain learner attendance and assessment records

  • Update attendance for every session
  • Track learner self-check-in for SkillsFuture-funded courses
  • Create, grade and maintain learner assessments
  • Sync attendance and assessment records to SkillsFuture

Track fulfillment of reimbursement requirements and pay-out status for SkillsFuture subsidies

  • Reminders for submission cut-off dates
  • View requirement fulfillment status
  • View grant pay-out status

Track Grant Payouts
(SkillsFuture-funded Courses)

Corporate Training Providers Singapore

What is PandaiCore?

PandaiCore is a training management system that makes training administration easy for corporate training providers in Singapore. PandaiCore is one of the three primary services of PandaiSuite and can be used with the other two systems to create a seamless learning and training experience for both learners and corporate training providers.

Why is a Training Management System (TMS) important in a company?

Any well-run company would need a form of training management system (TMS) to manage its various departments efficiently and productively. Different departments within the company require different skill sets and knowledge– as such different training is required to meet the needs of the various departments. To track course training schedules, completion rates, scores, and other progress, a TMS is an effective way to manage without having to keep track of the individual variables manually.

How does a TMS work?

Training can involve many variables that can be cumbersome. However, experienced trainers and leaders know that having a TMS can make online training management much easier and more effective, thus, increasing overall productivity. TMS is now brought into the digital world to reduce the tediousness of tracking progress. Organisations and corporate training providers do not have to create their own software, as PandaiCore allows you to run and manage your online training course easily.

There are four primary features in PandaiCore that help with administration:

  • Course and course run management
  • Learner record management
  • Attendance and assessment record management
  • Track grant pay-outs

PandaiCore training management system makes it convenient for trainers and learners by automating processes. These features allow you to manage training courses and synchronise with our other services, making payment and learning trouble-free. Additionally, PandaiCore conforms to SkillsFuture Singapore’s requirements, making it easy for you to create training courses that can be Skillsfuture-funded or non-skills future funded.

Our PandaiCore TMS works by providing a one-stop platform for training providers and learners to create and apply for training courses, respectively. Through digitalisation, PandaiCore is the solution for all your training needs.

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