Online Courses and Learning Platform in Singapore

Working in Synergy to Streamline Your Training

Online Course Platform

Training Management System

Efficiency in training administration

Digitalising the entire training administration process within one single platform. Conforms to SSG’s requirements with easy tracking of submissions and grants.

Online Course Platform Singapore

Course Listing and Selling

Reach out to learners anywhere

Course listing with 24/7 registration and payment processing. Increase the market exposure with the help of a cost-effective collaborative partnership marketplace. A robust Referral Program supports a dynamic business environment.

Online Training Platform

Learning Management System

Built for engaging training delivery

Helps trainers deliver interactive, engaging classes, assignments, and assessments, all while keeping track of learners’ progress and participation.

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Online Training Platform Singapore

Optimising The Whole Training Cycle

Online Learning Platform Singapore
Singapore Online Learning Platform

What is PandaiSuite?

PandaiSuite is an online course management platform in Singapore that gives learners the flexibility to create their own personalised learning journey. PandaiSuite acts as a marketplace for online courses that are available in Singapore. We are a dynamic team consisting of unique individuals ranging from experienced trainers to artificial intelligence (AI) specialists to individuals who are dedicated to lifelong learning.

Who is PandaiSuite for?

PandaiSuite is created with a common goal in mind: to enhance learning and training.  It is a course management platform that is suitable for anyone who is interested in bridging gaps in their knowledge and skills, or joining courses to increase their repertoire.

Why should you choose PandaiSuite?

Currently, learners across various industries may experience inflexibility in choosing modules from different courses that will enhance their learning journey. This online training platform allows users to have their own unique combination of bite-sized modules from a wide variety of courses.

Here at PandaiSuite Singapore, we understand that undergoing training courses and learning as an adult can be challenging as different learners have various levels of knowledge and skills prior to the courses. To make learning more equitable, the team at Cognotiv has created this online course management platform to help course trainers value-add to learners’ course of learning.

PandaiCore: Training Administration Made Easy

PandaiCore makes it easy for you to track everything in this wide marketplace for online courses. The entire training administration process is digitalised on a single online learning platform efficiently and productively.

With PandaiCore, you can create and manage courses easily with the ability to synchronise with PandaiCart and PandaiCampus. PandaiCore also conforms to Singapore’s Skillsfuture Training Management System requirements, allowing trainers the flexibility to include Skillsfuture-funded or non-funded courses.

PandaiCart: Efficient Course Listing & Selling

With PandaiCart, learners can register anytime, from anywhere with our all-day registration timing. Payment processes are simplified on PandaiCart as users can easily make payment via PayNow or credit/debit cards.

PandaiCampus: One-Stop Learning & Training Platform

PandaiCampus is an online learning and training platform with features to help trainers carry out their training with flexibility and ease in an engaging manner. The team has expertly designed PandaiSuite to deliver content efficiently with features such as checkpoints, learning paths and tracking. Book a demo today.

Course Management Platform

Smart, Versatile Solution For Any Training Need

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