All You Need to Know About Training Management Software

All You Need to Know About Training Management Software

A training management system is a one-stop digitised training software that enables employees to upgrade their skill sets and knowledge without hassle. It allows the creator to build courses, categorise employees into sub-groups, and assign tasks with ease.

Companies use training software applications widely for administration, reporting and delivery of training programs and courses. Read more to learn about the importance and benefits of training software for your employees.


Importance of training software

Given the lower cost and resources required, it is not surprising that more businesses are realising the need for a transformation in corporate training. This is due to the fact that providing staff with quality training is crucial to ensuring the success of the company.

While current employees must upgrade their skills to stay relevant, new hires must be trained on company policies and procedures. All of the aspects mentioned above can be accomplished with a training management system, which can also completely alter your training strategy.


Benefits of using a training software

Physically training employees requires significant time, effort, and resources. Providing trainers with a platform for digitised learning is a good approach to simplify learning and ensure that your staff receives high-quality training to excel in their roles. The following are some key benefits of online training software:


1. Easy to manage trainee submissions

Online training tools offer many useful features for helping employees stay on track during their training. It can, for example, set up email alerts to remind trainees of upcoming tasks. Furthermore, the software ensures that each trainee is assigned to the right group for learning and is shown the learning objectives and tasks to be completed at each checkpoint.

With the help of training software, it will be a smoother experience for your employees as they do not have to manually track what they need to complete, and it contains many features that allow trainees to receive content efficiently to complete their training.


2. Increased trainee engagement

Improving training engagement in your training programs is crucial as it will enhance your employees’ learning. There are many training tools, such as mini-games, online whiteboards and breakout rooms which can make training exciting and bolster interaction between trainees. Digitised learning is also effective as it can boost trainee engagement during online training sessions. Trainees will also be more interested and motivated to learn, which will help to increase the completion of course materials, knowledge retention and boost employee productivity.


3. Customisation of online courses

Lastly, training software will enable employees to benefit from a range of online courses. Training software enables administrators to create and manage courses easily, and allows users to choose their own combination of modules from courses.

It is highly beneficial for trainees who can choose modules in which they have no experience or knowledge in, to improve themselves in those specific areas. There is much more freedom and flexibility in a training management system, which makes learning easy and equal for all users regardless of their background.



There are many benefits of implementing training software, which helps to ensure the growth of its employees and the organisation. You can now get started with the most accessible training management system! With PandaiSuite’s online training platform in Singapore, we have a dynamic team of trainers and AI specialists to help your organisation build training programs suitable for your company’s needs. Contact us today to find out more about our range of services!