Course and Course Run Management

Create and manage courses and course runs

  • Courses
  • Course Runs
  • Sessions
  • Synchronise with PandaiCart for course listing and selling
  • Synchronise with PandaiCampus for training content management
  • Flexibility for SkillsFuture-funded or non-funded courses

Receive learner registrations and manage learner profiles and records for each course run

  • Registration records
  • Learner profiles
  • Automated emails
  • Fee collection status
  • SkillsFuture Enrolment
  • PandaiCampus LMS access

Learner Record Management

Attendance and Assessment Record Management

Easily maintain learner attendance and assessment records

  • Update attendance for every session
  • Track learner self-check in for SkillsFuture-funded courses
  • Create assessments
  • Record and maintain learner assessment results
  • Sync attendance and assessment records to SkillsFuture

Track fulfillment of reimbursement requirements and payout status for SkillsFuture subsidies

  • Reminders for submission cut-off dates
  • View requirement fulfillment status
  • View grant payout status

Track Grant Payouts
(SkillsFuture-funded Courses)

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